DAX 30 - Oct 31, 2016

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DAX 30 - Oct 31, 2016

Post by Evgenia Gencheva on Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:23 pm

DAX 30 is still in consolidation tunnel in the first level of wave 9152.50 - 10820.10. So for the moment there is no dropping out of this zone, which is good indication for continuing uptrend. DAX is stable over the pp of all this wave 12400 - 8700.


I hold, opened buy positions from Friday (Oct 28, 2016), before market closing.

For tomorrow (Oct 31, 2016), I expect upward movement from the current point, on which is DAX now and test to 10770.

Here is the current small wave in which is dax now.
Completed test support of the first part of this level, support of ema 50 and other important supports.


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