What to expect after the US election?

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What to expect after the US election?

Post by Evgenia Gencheva on Wed Nov 09, 2016 11:50 am

DAX fell 6.6% last night, which is not too much, I mean under my expectations.
My messengers are full of questions and comments, started at 4 am Milan time: "What happens with Wall Street.", "Did you see, Trump won. " and so on.

I will answer the important questions in brief.

I'm not an official spokeswoman of the Wall Street and don't know exactly what happens there. Yesterday, I had conversations with friends live in US from different social strata.
According to many economical specialists Trump will be crash for the US economy.

But what happens actually? Seems both of the candidate presidents were not the best for choise and many people have not exercised their right to vote.
Clinton had many troubles served exactly before the election, I guess on purpose. But and without these unpleasant facts, her reputation was not so good, based on her husband led policy.

The expectations for Trump are sceptic also. "He has idea to raise taxes on the rich, they will begin to flee from US and move their companies elsewhere. Overall, the US economy will be seriously weakened.", as I said before 2 - 3 days, based on conversations with my friends economists.

But, is this the truth?
According to my friends in US, Trump was supported exactly from the rich and Wall Street. As we know whoever be elected president, will serve one's interests. In this case maybe Trump is what wants the upper class of US.

In this case, I don't expect negative effect for the indices, after Trump is elected president. With other words I expect fast recovery for all indices. In my opinion the market will back to normal to the end of the day (Nov 9, 2016), as though this decline did not occur.  

Nasdaq 100, has tested major weekly support, important for further rise.


US 30 is in the same situation, the cross sma 50, 100 for which I commented is already tested.


DAX 30 already recovered more than 60%, few hours after the drop to 9960, currently at 10380. Actually I hold buy positions from last night and today, but for the future I will not show exact positions, according to friendly advice. My showed positions can be taken as agitation for buyers or sellers.



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